By Christine Blosdale

In this world that we currently find ourselves traversing, it can be far too easy to lose sight of the fact that we are indeed ever expansive gorgeous souls shoved into these teeny tiny human bodies with human emotions. The good, the bad, and yes, even the ugly.

While it is true that “what goes around comes around” in relation to karmic laws of energy, when you really get into this thing called life you will discover that quite often we are our own worse enemy.


You’ve been given an opportunity to work at an amazing company with insane benefits and a saintly boss. Ahhh but that darn attention starved Ego won’t let that bliss go for long until it finds something to muck it up. Office gossip, sloppy work and ignoring deadlines can be just a few of the ways we sabatoge our best interests.


The most gorgeous person (both inside and out) wants to be with you, yes YOU. They actually think you are fckng amazing and are drawn to you like no other. Wellllllll doesn’t this just seem like the perfect time to try and FUCK IT ALL UP?! So you begin to look for any clues of their attraction to others, their past relationships, their social media history, their fingerprints, their DNA in case you need it for later analysis….you get the picture. We obsess on the conveyor belt of made up reasons why someone shoudn’t love us.


You’re tired. Like dog tired. You worked a long AF day with people that were not very pleasant to be around and you just got home to a house in utter dissaray. It’s as if your children took every sticky, gooey, stinky substance known to man and threw it on your carpet. And then they grinded it in with their combat boots. 3——2——-1——- it’s BLOW UP TIME! And you start saying insane shit you didn’t even know could be slithered out of your mouth. Now here comes the guilt.


It’s an important day at the office. The deal you’ve been working on could be the biggest of your career. But you’re late for work. Okay you’re always late for work. Whatev. It’s a Monday and you find yourself on a bumper to bumper freeway when you suddenly come to an abrupt stop in what looks like to be a parking lot. Fuuuuuuuck. Then, just as you check your radio to find out where the hell an accident has occurred (it better be a major car pileup or death to justify this bullshit) - that’s when it happens. Someone hits you from behind. And hard. You get shoved into the car ahead of you and a domino effect ensues with multiple cars being rammed from behind. Double Fuck. You just want to unleash on the person who hit you from behind with all the venom and frustration that a carbon based organism can muster. And his be justified. Or would you?


So here it is. The down low. The truth. The truth about you. And me. And every single person who has ever graced this planet. We are human. And we are not perfect. We are alive. We try things. We make mistakes. We stumble and we fall. We get hurt, but we rise again. We try again. And we keep learning. We keep growing. And we have to remind ourselves to be thankful for fucking up once in a while. In the grand scheme of things we need to remind ourselves to be thankful for this priceless opportunity called life.

Believe it or not, we asked for this. We stepped forward for this awesome assignment.

And we need to forgive ourselves (and others) for being human.

It’s the only way to get out of this place alive - and fulfilled.

I am sending love to you..and to the “you” that even you don’t see or appreciate. I see you. And what a sight you are!



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Christine  Blosdale is a Transformational Speaker, Coach and Consultant  Specializing in Wellness, Business, Product Development and the Service  Industries. She’s also a multi million dollar fundraiser who prefers to  use her time making the world a better place.